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Service Offerings

Service Offerings

The Concept:

We are here to care of your information technology needs accross the organization & across Geographies.We are here to maintain or improve your existing IT setup or to contribute for building and developing new IT setup.We are here to provide on-site or off-site solutions and services.This includes Infrastructure, Software,Hardware, Firmware, WEB, Networking and Connectivity, System audits, BPR,software licencing,training etc.-One stop shop for information technology needs.

The need for outsourcing:

In current situation,maintaining In-house Information Technology Department or function is not Cost effective solution because of few reasons as mentioned below. The IT resorce cost is very high. It is difficult to get & retain IT resourse because of demand supply situation in the market. There is constant upgradation in the technology in terms of hardware,Software and resource skills in the market.The organization cannot leverage & take benefits of this upgradation because the investment is already gone into earlier technology. If these services are outsourced,organization can take advantage of getting cost effective solutions by virtue of emerging & latest technologies from time to time. The management need not put their efforts to develop & monitor IT function insted they can concentrate on their core business.